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Friday, September 23, 2011


May was a fun month- both Shawn and I have birthdays, and there is Mother's Day, but here are just a few pics- Lily found her thumb! Yay!

My Brother and his wife, Shanna took out their endowments- I was there, but we had to rush back to Lily for her feeding, so I wasn't able to be in any photos...

Shawn had a birthday...;)


In June we took a week and a half vacation to Southern California! It was a sort of family reunion for my family and it was AWESOME! We played at the beach...

My brother, Joe, and his family were sealed as a family in the San Diego Temple!!!

We went to Sea World with the fam- good times- I didn't take enough pictures!

We went to this awesome air craft carrier that had been converted into a museum- it was cooler than I thought it would be and we ended up having to even rush through it in the four hours we were there and still didn't get to see everything!

Here we are at Disneyland! We were only there for two days- I wish it could have been three, and NOT during a summer weekend- but we had a blast anyways!

For a late Father's Day we went flying- well, to an indoor fan tube thingy- even the kids went- it was awesome!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

April 2011

I know that this year is really Lily heavy, but babies change so fast that it is hard to keep track of it!

I guess I can't say it enough, Abby LOVES Lily- and the feeling is mutual!!!

She has such a pretty smile- I love that she smiles so much!!!

Just like my other kids, Lily loves her binki!!!

I LOVE the Bumbo- Shelley gave it to us and it is the BEST!!! Lily loves sitting in it!

Shawn snuggling with the kids- he is such a wonderful Daddy!!!

March's Summary

We went out to Goblin Valley and met up with Shelley and her family- it was fun, but really windy and would have been a nice day otherwise, but it was freezing from the wind!!! The kids still had fun, though!

It was mustache March again in Shawn's company this year- doesn't he look amazing?!!!

So, of course the whole family got into it!!!

Lily didn't really like hers, but doesn't she look adorable?!

We blessed Lily at the end of March- her dress was amazingly beautiful!!! Being the star of the day sure was exhausting, though!

Me and my sisters and our babys! From left to right it is Emma with Kaeden, Shelley with Weston, me with Lily, and Shanna with Shiloh!

Shawn, his Mom, and Lily

My parents with Lily

Lily's Dr said that I could use a cream on her acne to help her look good for the blessing weekend and said that it would be worse when I stopped, but the creme was only a temporary fix- she still had a lot of acne, but when I stopped using the creme I saw how bad it got!

February in a nut shell!

Abby so LOVES Lily- she takes every chance she can get to snuggle her; which is great because I had to get back to work when Lily was two weeks old and Abby comes home from Kindergarten in the middle of the day and snuggles with and takes care of Lily!!!

So, we went out to Grand Junction the first weekend of February for Shelley's new baby, Weston's, blessing and Shelley being the awesome sister and photographer that she is took some time and took some awesome photos of Lily for us!!!

Lily has been a complete Angel- sleeps great and doen't give us problems, but she still can cry...

This is just my favorite picture of Lily- she looks so contemplative...

This is a onesie that some friends of ours made for Lily; the character on it was designed by Shawn, he and his friend Isaac (the one who made us the onesie) did a web comic together and this was one of the characters...sadly the webcomic didn't make them any money, but it was fun while it lasted...

For once, I really don't mind this picture of me... Lily looks great in it too!!!

Daddy being himself with Lily!

Yeah, Daddy and the kids playing video games... good times!

Abby made Lily a Valentine- or into a Valentine- you decide!!!

Lily looking pretty for church!

Family dinner for Granddad Hartzell's birthday- I LOVE living close enough to my parents and Joe and Shanna that we can get together with them a few times a month for dinner!!!

Here is Lily with her cousin, Kaeden, who was born a week to the day after her- he was a lot smaller than she was at birth, but he is catching up!!!